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Vdine, Bangalore is a top player in the category of Restaurants in the Bangalore. This hotel acts as a one-stop destination for vegetarians and non-vegetatarians. For us, customers are the kings.We are providing our best services in each and every fields for ensuring customer satisfaction and at the same time tries to maintain the cleanliness and discipline.

The management and staffs of vdine prrovides the best service in treating our customers in the correct time.We provides tasty and delicious foods and a very calm and relaxing atmosphere too.We are not at all makiinng our customers to wait for theiir favourites for a long time ..

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Delecious food with less preservatives and colourings.
Every dish in Vdine is made onsite from scratch. This includes all the items like rice,biriyani etc. By creating everything from the start, we have 100% control over the ingredients used, the quality and the freshness of the dish.
Highly experienced team of chefs and staffs
Our mouth watering dishes are made by traditional chefs With years of experiences and our staffs and management provides the best services at any time.
Flexible Menu
Whether you’re looking to dine with three people or 20 people, we can mix and match food combinations without a hassle. No one has to fight over the last leg piece!
Open 7 days
Hungry on a Sunday or a Monday? That’s no problem Vdine is open 7 days a week
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Master chefs
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