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Vdine provides the most delecious and healthy food items .We offers a menu including self-made south indian,chinese and different types of Dosa items to ensure that there is something for everyone.

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1234 North Avenue Luke, IN 360001


MAIN menu



Main Course-South Indian menu

Main Course-Chinese menu

Rice/Biriyani-South Indian menu

Rice/Biriyani-Chinese menu

Dosa menu

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Come and Experience the difference

Vdine, Bangalore plays a top role in the category of restaurants in Bangalore. This hotel acts as a one-stop destination for vegetarians and non-vegetatarians. For us, customers are the kings.We are providing our best services in each and every fields for ensuring customer satisfaction and at the same time tries to maintain the cleanliness and discipline

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Joseph Thomas

The food they are offering is really amazing.It just tastes like homely food.And i am feeling like the prie they are charging is reasonable.


My experience with vdine was wonderful.Their staffs are really friendly and their services too.They have supplied all the items what we have ordered without any delay.

AKshitha benny

Vdine is a good place to go with our friends and family.I used to go there and each items they are charging at a reasonable price and the food is very good with less oil and no colourings.